'House Of The Dragon' Early Reviews: Critics Think Prequel Can Redeem 'Game Of Thrones' Disastrous Finale

Are you ready to go back to Westros and see the battle for deadly Iron Throne again? GoT fans your wait is over as critics have now shared their early reviews of House of the Dragon and it will surely leave you on the edge of the seats. The premiere of the much anticipated prequel recently took place and first reactions to the show is mostly positive. Fans of the franchise had been skeptical about the prequel since the disastrous finale season of Game of Thrones, but the critics have passed their verdict and House of the Dragon could redeem GoT.

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In their early reviews, critics have said that the first episode of the show really captivates your attention and the plot perfectly connects to Game of Thrones. One critic went as far as to say that the prequel could be better than GoT and Breaking Bad.

They wrote, “#HouseoftheDragon REVIEW: FIRE WILL REIGN! Wow. Violent! Shocking! EPIC. Better than GoT & Breaking Bad. HBO does it again. This isn’t just another fantasy show, it’s the BEST series ever made! Great action & music too. A fitting end setting up what’s next. #HotD #GameofThrones.” Take a look at more review below.

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The show is set two hundred years before the events of Game of Thrones and chronicles the beginning of the end of House Targaryen. It will feature the events leading up to and covering the Targaryen war of succession, known as the “Dance of the Dragons.” House of the Dragon will be releasing on August 11.

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