Henry Cavill To Return To DCEU? ‘Black Adam’ Scene Teases Superman Cameo In Dwayne Johnson’s Upcoming Movie

One of the most anticipated DC films of the year is, inarguably, Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam. Besides The Rock’s debut in the DCEU, fans are also excited to witness the anti-hero in action on the big screen for the first time. Set to release on October 21, the upcoming film has garnered hype as well as fueled several rumours.

One of the most buzzworthy and interesting rumours was Henry Cavill’s return to the DCEU as Superman. He was last seen in the red cape in Justice League and the subsequent Zack Snyder’s Justice League in 2021. Since then, fans are hopeful to see him in Black Adam.

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An insider expert, KC Walsh has now come out as a beacon of hope for many fans as he took to his Twitter to share a glimpse into a scene from Black Adam. The scene includes a dialogue exchange between Johnson’s Black Adam with another undisclosed character. The latter says, ”“There is no one (on) this planet that can stop me” to which Black Adam responds, “Good thing I’m not from this planet…”

It was enough for fans to become hopeful about Henry Cavill’s return. On the other hand, fans were also hopeful for Henry Cavill to show up at the DC comic-con. However, he did not show up. Dwayne Johnson, on several occasions, teased Cavill’s return to the universe and also expressed his desire to go against Superman as Black Adam.

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