Grey squirrel terrorises North Wales community, attacking and injuring 18 people

A grey squirrel went on a 48 hour rampage, attacking and injuring residents of a small town community in North Wales.

The squirrel, nicknamed “Stripe” by residents after the villain in the comedy horror film The Gremlins, began indiscriminately attacking residents in Buckley, Flintshire, north Wales, last week.

At least 18 people have now been left with cuts to their hands and heads after being viciously bitten by the squirrel. Many required tetanus jabs following the incident.

According to residents, the squirrel began attacking them in their gardens with “frightening speed”, leaving some too afraid to leave their homes.

Some residents even reported being chased down the street.

The squirrel’s reign of terror finally came to an end when he was caught on Monday 27 December in a humane trap by 65-year-old Corrine Reynolds.

Ms Reynolds had been feeding the animal since the summer, and it has made regular trips to her garden in search for food and shelter since then.

She was also bitten on the hand, despite befriending the animal.

“He’s not a friendly natured squirrel I am afraid, he is a rogue one and I am starting to wonder if he has got something going on inside his head like a tumour,” said Ms Reynolds, SWNS reports.

Another resident, Sheree Robinson, 42, said: “This squirrel is not very nice at all, it’s a nutty squirrel. He’s a bit of a psycho, he’s had five or six of my neighbours.

“He had me when collecting my recycling bags. He jumped out from behind my green bin, so whether he was trying to get food and thought I was going to take it away.

“Let’s just say it had me good and proper.”

The RSPCA have reportedly confirmed that it had to reluctantly put down Stripe. The Independent has contacted the charity for comment.

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