Google is rolling out the latest update of play store on wear OS

Google is rolling out the latest update of play store on wear OS

Google updated the wear OS to the slightly better version. They have been working on redesigning the wear OS for the past few months. However, the update is still not at the extent it should be. The update in wear OS is not a drastic change. But, the latest OS update is better than the previous versions. “Tiles” has been the latest upgrade from Google to make wear OS more user-friendly. Google has already started rolling out the new update for wear OS to smartphones. The new tile manager will be usable now on the user’s smartphone.

This new server-side update is related to the strings teasing Tiles of the wear OS. Google enables the new section to manage active tiles on the smartphone connected to wear OS smartwatch. The new tile manager lets the user arrange and reorder their tiles on the watch. Also, users can add or remove the tiles from the tile manager seamlessly. All these features are also available on the smartwatch. However, having the ability to manage tiles is more effective and easier on a smartphone. Google added one-swipe access to Assistant, notifications, and Quick Settings. The new customizable features include the Next event, Forecast, heart rate, and timer.

The options that were previously on the side menu are now on the home screen of the app. Moreover, the new buttons at the bottom of the list have the functionality to manage an account, settings, and My Apps. The rest of the play store to wear OS did not change much. The App settings only appear to have a darker background now. However, the setting options under the app settings are unchanged. It is not so easy to notice the difference in the latest update of wear OS unless the user looks side by side to the older version. Many Reddit users noted the rollout of new Wear OS update for all users.

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