Get Wild this summer with the UK’s number one plastic-free natural deodorant

Hands up if you’ve ever felt guilty about throwing away yet another bottle of deodorant. Another piece of plastic waste in the bin – even if it’s the recycling bin, it still doesn’t feel quite right. In fact, throwaway culture has become a part of modern life that (let’s be honest) we often don’t give enough thought to.

Millions of bathroom products are thrown away every year, and when it comes to deodorant, that’s not the only problem. Most products on the market contain chemical ingredients that aren’t healthy for us or the environment. Shouldn’t we be seeking a better alternative?

Nature’s choice for smelling great

Introducing: natural deodorant. Sure, natural products used to get a bad rap, but the industry has come on leaps and bounds in recent years – ensuring that natural deodorants don’t contain hidden nasties like parabens or sulphates, all of which can cause health problems if used for a long time.

If you think about it, it’s pretty wild that we’ve grown so accustomed to using potentially harmful ingredients on our bodies, which subsequently impact the environment. What we need is a different kind of “wild”.

Natural deodorant brand Wild has entered the chat with its highly innovative solution for both problems. It’s the UK’s number one refillable natural deodorant, offering compostable, plastic-free refills and a 100 per cent effective formula that keeps body odour at bay.

The company, which was started in 2019 by friends Freddy Ward and Charlie Bowes-Lyon, is on a mission to reduce personal care’s plastic problem, one stick of deodorant at a time.

We know now that recycling alone doesn’t work to reduce how much plastic ends up in landfill, thanks to the Big Plastic Count campaign. So when Wild says it wants people to use just one stick of deodorant, it really does mean one.

The best part? Wild has teamed up with The Independent to offer its readers a free case (worth £7) with every starter pack purchase with code INDEPENDENTCASE for savings worth up to 58 per cent off.

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How it works

Here’s how Wild works. Customers choose an eye-catching case in one of six colours, which become the only piece of deodorant packaging they own. Then, you select a deodorant scent – you can choose a regular formula or one specially for sensitive skin.

Wild has plenty of fresh scents that will make you smell and feel great. From regulars like Orange & Neroli, Coconut & Vanilla, Jasmine & Mandarin Blossom, and Fresh Cotton & Sea Salt, to limited edition scents released every month (this month’s is Passionfruit Martini), you can choose a signature smell that suits your personality and taste.

But don’t worry about missing out on the other fragrances – you can switch up your deodorant order each time your subscription renews.

Explore the wildly good scents at

Once you’ve made the very hard decision of which scent to go with, all you have to do is hit subscribe, sit back and relax. Wild will send you your starter pack, which costs £12. After this, you’ll be sent a pack of three refills one month after your first order, costing just £5 a refill.

Each refill lasts roughly a month with daily usage, and since you’ll get sent refills every eight to 14 weeks depending on your chosen schedule, you’ll never have to worry about running short on deodorant ever again.

The Wild promise

By offering customers reusable deodorant cases and plastic-free refills, Wild has diverted 80 tonnes of throwaway deodorant packaging from landfill. No more guilt over throwing a single-use plastic case into the bin. You can rest easy with a clear conscious thanks to Wild.

But, we hear you cry, does Wild’s natural deodorant actually work? Science says yes. Wild is powered by plants, using premium natural ingredients that stop odour-causing bacteria in its tracks and keeping your pits smooth and moisturised. The brand is big on transparency, and you can find the full list of ingredients on the Wild website to put your mind at ease.

If you’re still on the fence about whether Wild’s deodorants work, don’t just take it from us. Check out the more than 11,000 5 star reviews on Trustpilot from certified sweaty people all over the UK who can tell you what’s what.

Wild’s exclusive reader offer

Of course, the best way to see if Wild works is to try it for yourself. Receive a free case (worth £7) with every starter pack purchase. Head over to Wild’s website and apply the code INDEPENDENTCASE at checkout.

Enter code “INDEPENDENTCASE” at checkout. T&Cs apply: One use per customer. Cannot be used in conjunction with other offers.

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