‘For God’s Sake…’: Ayushmann Khurrana Comes Out In Support Of Cricketer Arshdeep Singh After Indo-Pak Match

After a blockbuster win in the first match with Pakistan for Asia Cup 2022, India lost to the neighbouring country’s team by a close margin. The Men in Blue were celebrated for their sportsmanship and grit which intensified the pride of every viewer at home. However, not everyone came out of the match unscathed.

Indian fast bowler Arshdeep Singh suffered immense trolling post-Indo-Pak match on social media. The young cricketer dropped a catch within the last five overs of the innings which many believe led to India’s defeat against Pakistan. Many fans and cricketers came out in support of Arshdeep Singh and urged the trollers to stop their attacks.

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Bollywood actor Ayushmann Khurrana jumped on the bandwagon as he penned a thought-provoking note after the intense match on Sunday and slammed the people trolling Arshdeep Singh. Sharing a video of him seemingly celebrating the Indian team’s valour in the match, he wrote, ”It’s been almost 24 hours but can’t get over last night’s nerves. There’s always a heartbreak when india loses a match. But let’s look at the silver lining. Kohli is in form now!”

”SKY is looking good. Also our openers. Let’s not be fickle and fair weather. We should support our team even when they lose a close one,” he continued. The actor further wrote about the trolling, ”And for God’s sake, stop trolling Arshdeep. He’s a great prospect. Expecting fireworks in the rest of the tournament. Praying for the next clash,”. Check out the post below.

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