Fitbit Goes Under Google for 2.1 Billion Dollars

Fitbit Goes Under Google for 2.1 Billion Dollars

Google recently announced it is acquiring Fitbit, a famous brand that manufactures smart watches for 2.1 billion dollars. In a news blog post announcing, Rick Osterloh, the Google SVP of devices and services, stated that the purchase of Fitbit is an opportunity that can make even more money than it is doing at present. Bringing Wear OS and wearables, mainly smartwatches and fitness bands into the market, will only make Google more popular. It comes just a few days after a Reuters report claimed that Google was in negotiations to acquire a popular company for tracking fitness.

The transaction would include Fitbit to join Google. The company will take the matter of privacy for health and fit-bearing data seriously, noting that the Fitbit health and wellness data will be kept safe and secure. This statement is according to a separate press release from the Fitbit Company. Google also announced that the data collected will not be used in ads of any kind. Google has failed a lot of times to break into the smartwatch industry. This time, the impact is expected to be significant. The engineering skills of Fitbit have always been excellent, presenting Google with a far better foundation for future mobile Android embedded devices such as smartphones and bands. And the business will also give a strong focus on fitness tracking into Google’s current Google Play software and give Google a reliable alternative to the deep integration of Apple Watch fitness tracking that can be done with the iPhone.

On the other hand, the software skills and broad support from Google could help Fitbit’s smartwatches, such as Versa, to become smarter. Closer relationships between the companies can also provide the more profound usage of Android software. The purchase of Fitbit is not only the involvement of Google in fitness-based wearable devices. In January, 40 million dollars were spent on Fossil’s smartwatch software, related to the technology developed by Fossil when it purchased Misfit, another maker of wearables, back in 2015.

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