Family finds trove of Christmas gifts from grandfather years after he died

A TikTok video that showed a family discovering old Christmas presents has won the internet in the holiday season.

In a video shared on the platform on Tuesday, user @HollyBrooke92 showed Christmas gifts that were packed for her family by her grandparents and great grandparents.

The presents were found by her cousin in the home of their grandfather who passed away recently.

“My grandfather recently passed away and my cousin found super old wrapped Christmas presents in the attic to my dad, my sister and I,” she said in the video.

“We also found an old Christmas card with money in it from my great grandparents who passed around 2002.”

Ms Brooke added in the video caption: “This is wild! Mine say from Nana who passed in 2015. The rugrats wrapping paper makes me think these are way before then even. #grandparents #crazy.”

The video has received over 600,000 likes on TikTok.

In subsequent videos, Ms Brooke unwrapped the gifts for her and her family.

Ms Brooke’s presents included a fleece robe and a Snuggie, in pink, her favourite colour at the time.

She said in the video that she always put a cozy blanket on her Christmas list and believes that her grandparents were “making sure [she] still got something [she] loves from them one last time.”

Ms Brooke’s presents and grandparents won over other users who responded with messages in the comment section.

“Like an extra hug from them to keep you warm when they’re not there,” wrote one user.

“So they gave you warm hugs from the other side, and the absolute knowledge that they loved you? Priceless,” wrote another user.

Other presents included a high-powered flashlight, a massage chair for her father along with a cover for when he does concrete work.

The presents also included some cash from her great grandparents who had also passed away.

In another video Ms Brooke thanked her grandparents and said she was lucky to have found the presents around Christmas.

“The fact that my cousin found old Christmas presents addressed to my family at Christmas time was not only amazing, but it made me feel like they were still with me today,” she said.

“Not only has he inspired me to purposefully do this for my family, but it looks like he’s inspired a few others—which is the greatest Christmas gift that anybody could ask for.”

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