Experts Claim Reduced COVID19 Death Rate In The US Might Be Due To Vaccine Rollout

Some health experts have said that the rate of death due to COVID19 has been reducing in the US off lately. They have claimed that it might be due to extensive vaccine rollout programs across the country. The data from John Hopkins University have shown that the seven-day average of death due to COVID19 in the US has been 670 per day. A report has revealed that the country has reached the lowest seven-day average of new death since July 2019. The US has seen an 80 percent drop in the COVID death rate since January 2020. The executive director of Global Health and professor of infectious disease from Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine, Dr. Robert Murphy has said that the vaccination program has reduced the rate of death linked to COVID19 in the US. He has said that a study from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has found that Pfizer-BioNtech and Moderna vaccines are 94 percent effective in the real world to prevent hospitalization related to COVID19 in people in the age range of 65 and above who are fully vaccinated.  The CDC has shown that these vaccines are efficient in prevent COVID19 hospitalization among adults who have been vaccinated with the first dose of these vaccines. Dr. Murphy has said that the study has confirmed the efficiency of these vaccines.

Health analysts have said that since the start of 2021, the seven-day average death toll has reduced regularly in the US. The highest seven-day average death toll has been reported on January 13, 2021, which has been 3431 deaths per day. Since then, the numbers have been decreasing. From 3431 deaths per day to 670 in April shows an 80 percent decline in the rate of death due to COVID19, said the experts. A senior scholar at John Hopkins Center for Health Security, Dr. Amesh Adalja has said that vaccination program in the US has affected certain groups majorly such as older people. He has said that there have been fewer deaths in nursing homes as people like nursing home residents have been highly vaccinated. The rate of death across these nursing homes is falling regularly. Dr. Adalja has said that though the rate of death due to COVID19 has reduced, more and more people need to take shots before the general population in the US starts to see the positive and robust effect of the vaccination program. He has said that just like in the pre-vaccine era, first cases have increased and deaths have started increasing, similarly, during the vaccination program, first cases will go down and then deaths as will reduce two weeks later steadily. As per the expert, the real impact of the vaccination might be seen after two weeks of the final dose. People are fully vaccinated after two weeks of completing the second dose of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccine and two weeks after getting the single shot of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

Health experts have said that tracking the full effect of vaccination on the rate of death needs time for the whole population to be fully immunized with the vaccine first. Recently the US has officially vaccinated 100 million people. Nearly 43.6 percent of people that is around 143 million people have received at least the first dose of the vaccine. In addition, more than 101 million that is 30.5 percent of the population in the US have been fully vaccinated. Health experts have said that as more and more people are vaccinated the rate of death and new infection is going to reduce even further.

Jessica Walker