Eve premium hybrid mattress review: Could this stop you counting sheep?

Thanks to the mattresses’ canary yellow edges, piping, and zips, Eve is perhaps the most recognisable of the new-gen bed-in-a-box brands.

Founded in 2015, the brand was born out of frustration at mattress buying the old-fashioned way – traipsing around a department store self-consciously trying out beds with your coat and shoes on. It wasn’t exactly conducive to making such an important purchase, and an expensive one at that.

As with many of Eve’s competitors, the company offers a 100-night at-home trial – music to the ears of the indecisive, especially those suffering from niggling or ongoing back pain who simply have to get it right.

It’s worth noting too, that the brand has partnered with Next and Dunelm if you do want to try one out in-store. But for a delicious full night’s kip – and, let’s face it, an excuse to get away in the name of research – Eve’s mattresses can also be found at East London boutique hotel, Town Hall.

The brand currently has six mattresses to choose from: the all-foam original and premium; the original hybrid, and the premium hybrid, which combine foam and springs; and the slimmer and more affordable versions of the above: the lighter and the lighter hybrid.

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How we tested

Of the six, we decided to put the premium hybrid mattress to the test. Setting it on our wooden slatted bed frame, we were looking for both comfort and support over a number of nights. We trialled the mattress with various pillows to see if it lives up to its claims of spinal alignment, and we tested out its no motion transfer properties to see if indeed, our other half was aware of any tossing and turning during the night. Here’s what we thought.

Eve premium hybrid matress

Buy now £978 for a double, Evesleep.co.uk

  • Sizes available: Double, king, super king
  • Mattress depth: 28cm
  • Material: Memory foam and springs
  • Trial period: 100 nights
  • Warranty: Ten years

Design and features

The most luxurious of Eve’s mattresses, the premium hybrid boasts over 1,500 pocket springs and innovative foam in an impressive five layers, each of which has its own properties designed for comfort.

Up top is the soft and snuggly floatfoam followed by the memory foam layer – both are infused with graphite and boast temperature regulating qualities to keep you cool in the summer months and toasty warm in the winter. The top two layers also claim to give you soothing pressure relief.

In the centre is the all-important support layer, a thicker, denser foam that promises to keep your spine aligned as you sleep. Under that is the foam casing, which not only protects the springs but offers extra side support – which is useful if you’re prone to rolling out of bed.

Then of course comes the springs. Where lesser hybrid mattresses feature half-size or mini springs, this one brags full-size (namely 12cm) pocket springs that give you great support, adapting to your body as it moves.

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The mattress cover is cosy in itself with a luxuriously quilted top that’s woven with silver strands for antimicrobial and antibacterial defence. Cleverly, the top of the cover can be zipped off in a jiffy and thrown into the washing machine for a quick refresh whenever we need it, without having to take the whole cover off – a sure way to encourage us to clean it more often.

Add to that a soft jersey cotton marl around the sides, and a non-slip coating on the underside to keep the mattress firmly in place, and the attention to detail is second to none.

Comfort and performance

Our hybrid premium mattress arrived tightly rolled and in a compact box, making it easy to fit through the doorway and up the stairs into the bedroom. That said, this is one weighty product so unless you’re built like The Hulk, it’s worth enlisting a second pair of hands to save the backache.

Like a Jack-in-the-box, the mattress starts to swell the moment it’s released from its internal packaging and it plumps up in an instant. We’d advise a little prep here and have it on the bed frame ready to go, otherwise, you only add bulk to the weight and may well find yourself struggling, as we did, to manoeuvre it up, around and onto the bed.

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While we were instantly impressed with the mattress’s heft, its softness proved an immediate positive, too. The thick but supple jersey material and the deep quilted top offers cosy warmth, while the underside – tacky as opposed to sticky – was a pleasant surprise. Once in place on the slats, this mattress wasn’t going anywhere. Suffice to say, this is a mattress that, unlike others, doesn’t need turning to keep it in tip top condition.

Freshly laundered linen bedding on (for the full effect of newness), we couldn’t wait to dive in. The hybrid premium mattress promises ultimate comfort for any type of sleeper – side, back, front, or somewhere in between.

If you’re a side sleeper, like us, you need proper shoulder and hip support to keep your spine perfectly aligned, and we found the mattress did exactly that. In fact, our first night seemed to go without the usual tossing and turning and shifting about, which we’re calling nothing short of miraculous. We felt like we were gently held in place for a good eight hours and woke up feeling refreshed.

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The firmness scale is a matter of taste and personal needs when it comes to buying a mattress and we’d put this one at a 7, with 10 being the firmest. But what’s particularly clever here is that you can really feel and fully appreciate the softer top – yet feel perfectly supported at the same time.

Like a (conversely comfortable) Princess and the Pea we found we could feel all those lovely layers doing their thing. At 28cm in depth, the mattress sits taller than we’re used to but we enjoyed this extra bit of elevation, which further adds to the luxurious feel.

The verdict: Eve hybrid premium mattress

All Eve mattresses are medium-firm and despite switching from a firmer product we felt our spines to be properly supported. In fact, on this we had the best night’s sleep in years. This is thanks to the hybrid premium’s clever fusion of full-size springs and layer upon layer of innovative foam.

The mattress boasts memory foam that isolates movement, meaning there’s no motion transfer if you sleep next to a night fidget – but then again, the night fidgeting seems to have ceased anyway, and we’re getting a great night’s sleep all round.

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