Drew Barrymore shares advice ‘best friend’ Cameron Diaz has been giving her since the 1990s

Drew Barrymore has shared the one piece of advice given to her by her “best friend” and Charlie’s Angels co-star, Cameron Diaz.

The two actors have been friends since making the cult action films, which came out in 2000 and 2003.

Speaking to People, Barrymore, 47, explained that Diaz has been giving her the same piece of advice for years.

“I made a promise to my best friend, Cameron Diaz, that I would become someone who she had been pushing me to be my whole life, which was environmentally aware, conscientious and living a certain lifestyle that was sustainable,” she told the publication.

“She’s been saying this since the nineties to me,” the actor added. “Once I started living that way and really committing, [I] saw the world differently and it made me put it all into practice and action.”

Barrymore explained that, as part of her pledge to the planet, she had stopped using Ziploc bags despite the fact that they were her “favourite thing in the world”.

The actor went on to say how Diaz would continually point out whenever her habits were not environmentally friendly.

“Cameron would literally be like, ‘Stop letting the water run while you’re brushing your teeth! Don’t do that!’ And she always felt like that big sister, leaning into me.”

Barrymore also commented on her viral video of her enjoying the rain recently.

“I’m such a hippie that when I see the rain, I just think I want to go out in it and have a little baptism from Mother Nature and be free and not worried for a second,” she said.

“Because I do worry and stress a lot. I’m also not a hippie [sometimes] and really a person who wants to have action and be a business person and get things done. And with that comes a tremendous amount of pressure and stress…Rain is a signal for me to let go and stop overthinking everything.”

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