Dominic Cummings claims photos will prove Boris Johnson lied over Partygate

Photos will emerge within the next two days which show that Boris Johnson “obviously lied” to police and the House of Commons about Downing Street parties, the prime minister’s former top aide Dominic Cummings has claimed.

Mr Cummings predicted that pictures would be released by factions involved in in-fighting within No 10 as the official report by senior civil servant Sue Gray is finally published.

And he alleged that a previously unreported party took place on the evening of Mr Johnson’s 56th birthday in June 2020, following the presentation of a cake for which the PM and wife Carrie were fined.

The much-delayed Gray report is expected to include some of the 300-plus photos which she gathered in her inquiry into lockdown-busting events at No 10, but sources close to the investigation suggested that they would not be used to “name and shame” people involved in revelry.

However, Mr Cummings suggested that the report could act as a trigger for the release of pictures by people within the system who are concerned Mr Johnson may escape unscathed from the scandal, having received just one £50 fine from police.

Writing on his blog, Mr Johnson’s former adviser said divisions were opening up between officials in post at the time of the parties in 2020 and 2021 and others who have arrived more recently as part of a “reset” in response to Partygate.

“Some of those in key positions now or very recently have tried to blame other officials,” said Mr Cummings.

“Those officials think some of those in key positions now have behaved appallingly and are preparing to take action.

“One of the consequences is that I expect photos of the PM will emerge very quickly, within the next 24-48 hours.

“Any reasonable person looking at some of these photos will only be able to conclude that the PM obviously lied to the Commons, and possibly to the cops, and there is no reasonable story for how others were fined for event X but not him.”

Mr Cummings said that the 126 fines handed out by the Metropolitan Police inquiry into parties had gone predominantly to junior officials, and particularly young women.

Some of them were told to go to events, such as the notorious “bring your own booze” garden party in 2020, or were assured that steps had been taken to ensure that the gatherings were lawful, he claimed.

Asking why Mr Johnson had not received more fines, Mr Cummings said: “It’s not because the PM’s presence is in doubt: multiple officials have told the cops he was at X or Y event that the cops have defined ‘unlawful’ and given the cops photos, so the cops know he was there.

“Part of the reason is that for some events the police simply have not investigated, haven’t asked him about X or Y.

“Further, some people told the police (but not Sue Gray, because they did not want the PM to read their evidence) that they had evidence regarding the organisation of illegal events from the flat.

“Apart from the ‘cake ambush’ there was a separate birthday party, uncovered by the media so far I think, that evening (which almost nobody knew about at the time, including me). There is a paper trail including WhatsApps from the flat. Sounds very bad for Boris/Carrie right? Surely that must be investigated? No! The police simply ignored it. Simple! PM cleared!”

Using his nickname for Mr Johnson as “the trolley” – because of his claims that he veers around uncontrollably – Cummings said: “Trolley trying usual SW1 trick – blame junior women, many of whom saved many lives by forcing him to change idiotic decisions.

“Secretaries told to go to what they were told was a lawful event by their boss get fined. Trolley, present and responsible for the event? Not fined!

“Core issue is NOT junior (often heroic) officials saying goodbye to colleagues they sat in the same office with. It’s Trolley forcing a second huge cover-up (after his illegal donations) and lying to parliament about his own crimes and trying to bend the Cabinet Office/cops to help the cover-up.”

A spokesperson for the prime minister declined to comment on Mr Cummings’ allegations.

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