'Doctor Strange' Actress Zara Phythian Sentenced To 8 Years Of Prison For Sexually Abusing Minor Girl: Report

Popular Hollywood martial arts stuntwoman and actress, Zara Phythian, who shared screen space with actor Benedict Cumberbatch in the 2016 Marvel movie ‘Doctor Strange’, faces eight years in prison after being found guilty of sexually abusing a minor girl in the UK.

According to various reports, Phythian has been convicted of 14 charges, and her husband Victor Marke was found guilty of four more charges filed by another victim. While the former is sentenced to eight years of prison, the latter, who was called the ‘driving force behind the abuse’ by judge Mark Watson, according to a BCC report, will be spending 14 years in prison.

The same report even quoted judge Mark Watson telling Phythian, “Whilst you denied in cross-examination that you were besotted with Victor Marke, on the evidence I have heard, I am in no doubt that your deviance was shaped by the influence that he had upon you from an early age,” during the trail.

While Phythian and Mark reportedly denied all the allegations against them, reports suggest that the couple was convicted of indecent sexual offences in the UK’s Nottingham Crown Court on May 16, 2022, after being found guilty for abusing the minor between 2005 and 2008.

Meanwhile, Phythian, who had a pretty successful career in Hollywood, was popularly known for essaying the role of Brunette Zealot in Marvel’s Doctor Strange, along with a couple more interesting projects like ‘Tribal Get Out Alive’ and ‘Accident Man 2’.

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