‘Despondent’ QAnon father accused of killing his children over ‘lizard DNA’ pens note begging for forgiveness

A surfing instructor from California who reportedly admitted to killing his two children in August has now written a letter asking for forgiveness.

Matthew Taylor Coleman, who FBI investigators allege was a follower of the QAnon conspiracy, wrote to a former friend about his time behind bars in recent weeks.

“He poured out his heart, he begged for forgiveness, but says that he’s now where he deserves to be,” a friend of Mr Coleman’s revealed to People. The remarks were first reported on Monday.

The childhood friend said, “He’s alone with his thoughts 24/. He’s reflecting on the mistakes he made in life and wondering if there’s any chance for redemption.”

The former Santa Barbara resident was also described as being “really despondent and hopeless”, and it remains unclear if the friend was the only recipient of such a letter.

It comes four months on from his arrest upon returning to the US from Mexico in August, when he is alleged to have killed both of his children .

An affidavit describing his conversation with FBI investigators said the 40-year-old was aware “it was wrong, but [that] it was the only course of action that would save the world” from so called “lizard people”.

The lizard-people conspiracy was adopted by followers of Qanon and claims that blood-drinking reptilian humanoids have been in control of the world for centuries.

He reportedly believed his children had “serpent DNA” and would become lizard-people.

QAnon, the conspiracy embraced and adopted by followers of Donald Trump, meanwhile believe that a deep state cabal of liberal elites have been in control of the world.

Both conspiracies have been shared on far-right online platforms.

Mr Coleman’s friend added: “He said he’s sorry, that he never wanted to cause pain, and that he’s working through why he made the choices he made. It was a very sad note.”

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