DC Hints That Bruce Wayne Is Bi-sexual In Comics Ahead Of Pride Month; Fans Say 'Batman Is Our Bi-King'

Ahead of the pride month, DC Comics just dropped a hint that Bruce Wayne/Batman might be bisexual, in the latest issue of Batman: The Knight #5. If confirmed, Batman won’t be DC’s first LGBTQ superhero. DC had earlier revealed that Clark Kent’s son and the current Superman was also bi-sexual and Harley Quinn is also bisexual, her main love interest apart from Joker has been the villain, Poison Ivy.

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In the comic, a young Bruce Wayne gets close to his fellow trainee Anton after they escape from a Russian prison. The pair shares a deep look into each other eyes, as it appears they’re about to kiss before they are interrupted. The scene between Bruce Wayne and Anton is garnering huge responses from the netizens. Twitter has gone crazy over the fact that Batman could be bi-sexual.

One user wrote, “I’m working on trying to fully explain my thoughts on the possibility of a bisexual Bruce, but I do get it. Batman is a character who has dealt very closely with identity, inclusion my favorite comic. And because of that I think his character is relatable to people who are lgbt+.” Take a look at the reactions here.

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