David F. Sandberg Shares An Interesting Update On Shazam-Black Adam's Face-Off; DCEU Fans Are You Listening?

Marvel may have announced their phase 5 and 6 plans at San Diego Comic-Con earlier this month, but that hasn’t derailed DCEU from its future projects. With DC all set to introduce Dwayne Johnson as anti-hero Black Adam in the upcoming project and successful movies like ‘Shazam’ and ‘Aquaman’ returning with sequels, DCEU seems adamant to gain the lost momentum and establish their superheroes once again.

With ‘Black Adam’ slated to release in October and ‘Shazam! Fury of the Gods’ in December, DCEU fans have been wondering about Zachary Levi and Dwayne Johnson’s face off on the big screen since the latter’s addition to DCEU. While the two characters have been at loggerheads in the comics, ‘Shazam! Fury of the Gods’ director David F. Sandberg finally opened up about the much-talked-about face-off.

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In a coversation with Collider, Sandberg said, “I know, at the moment, Black Adam is sort of its thing and Shazam is its thing. Then we’ll see where it all goes in the future, but I haven’t really been a part of any conversations like that.” While the ace filmmaker isn’t sure about Shazam taking on Black Adam in the near future, but he didn’t deny the reports either.

With Zachary Levi all set to return as Shazam in Sandberg’s upcoming project slated to release in theatres on December 21 this year, the superhero movie will also feature Lucy Liu, Helen Mirren, Rachel Zegler, Adam Brody and others. On the other hand, Johnson’s ‘Black Adam’ helmed by Jaume Collet-Serra is scheduled to release on October 21, 2022.

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