China Warns Germany Regarding Ban On Huawei 5G Wireless Equipment

China Warns Germany Regarding Ban On Huawei 5G Wireless Equipment

China’s Ambassador has warned the Germany government that they will have to face adverse consequences if they ban Huawei as 5G wireless equipment. Chinese authorities have made it clear that Germany should be aware of the fact that many German carmakers are selling their vehicles in China as well. There have been rising resistance against the Chinese 5G vendor due to national security concern.  The conflict against Huawei has intensified among lawmakers in Chancellor Angela Merkel’s governing alliance.  Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel has made it clear that she is going to challenge China’s policy and introduce a new bill. This bill will slap a ban on ‘untrustworthy’ 5G vendors. China’s ambassador WU Ken has said that if the German market bans Huawei, the Chinese government will not sit idle.

US President Donald Trump has sought to convince US allies to ban Huawei as High-Risk Vendor. China has filed a lawsuit against the Federal Communication Commission a month ago to fight US sanctions. Although German authorities have not specifically named Huawei but the decision has come after months-long debate on 5G security.  The Chinese company has been denying the allegation that its tools are used in any kind of espionage.  Wu Ken has said that Huawei has no legal compulsion to supply data to the Chinese government. He has said that German manufacturers as well sell a quarter of the 28 million cars in China. He has said that it will be a pure act of protectionism if one day China starts saying that German cars are not safe because we are efficient to manufacture our cars.

Huawei has also threatened Australian authorities saying that up to 1500 Australian employees will be terminated from their jobs unless the government reverses the ban on its 5G equipment. The company has said that it is committed to taking legal actions against the organizations that are maligning its reputation in Australia by their false and malicious attacks. The officials have said that Huawei has assigned a law firm as well to counteract the misleading remarks by the bodies that have vested interest in it. Former politician Nick Xenophon has co-founded the law firm.

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