Children facing child trauma are at high risk of having severe health issues

Children facing child trauma are at high risk of having severe health issues

The CDC published a report on Tuesday saying childhood trauma is a public health issue and can lead to severe consequences. A person who has faced childhood trauma is at a high risk of suffering from critical health issues. Also, abuse, neglect, or family violence experience in childhood leads to a higher risk of an unhealthy life. According to the report, one in six people from the USA has undergone multiple child abuse. Children in the USA experience almost more than four types of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). The majority of the youth is in danger of serious health problems.

According to the CDC, it is vital to prevent or reduce the impact of ACE on an individual. Dr. Anne Schuchat, principal deputy director of CDC, said, “Preventing ACE will help people thrive and will build the potential to have a healthy lifestyle.” ACE can lead to dangerous diseases like cancer, asthma, and diabetes. Moreover, it can throw an individual under severe depression. These are all life taking diseases. That is why reducing the impact of ACE is essential. The first report of the CDC shows the estimated number of Americans experiencing ACE. Almost 15lakh adults from 25 states have experienced at least one type of ACE.

More than 15% of Americans have experienced four or more types of abuse. Moreover, the report shows that women are at maximum risk of experiencing multiple child traumas. The number of abuse faced by an individual is directly proportional to adverse outcomes in lifestyle. Preventing ACE can also prevent cases of coronary heart disease. Millions of cases of obesity, depression, and other killer diseases will considerably reduce down. There are many cases of students not being able to complete their high school because of ACEs. Dr. Anne suggested a supportive, positive, and friendly environment to reduce the instances of ACE. Healthy food and a happy family environment can lead to good mental and physical health.

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