CEO Of McDonald Showed Poor Judgment with Employee

CEO Of McDonald Showed Poor Judgment with Employee

On Sunday, McDonald’s reported that its CEO had distanced himself from its Business after revealing that he is involved with an employee in a relationship, which has shown poor judgment. McDonald’s Board of Directors has determined that by entering into a relationship, Steve Easterbrook, CEO, has breached company policy, as stated by the company in front of the press. The position of the employee or any detailed statement has not been revealed, though. In a letter to the employees, Easterbrook asked for forgiveness regarding the relationship.

Easterbrook stated in an email that for his departure, he had recently been involved with an employee with a relationship that has violated the policy of McDonald’s. It was nothing but a mistake. He has further stated that he agreed with Board that he has disrespected the vales of the company and should be removed. He has also asked people to understand that he wants to keep the matter private and does not want to be disturbed. Chris Kempczinski, once the McDonald’s USA President, has been elected by the McDonald’s Board, and will take over as the CEO. Kempczinski stated that he was excited to take over as the CEO of McDonald’s. He added that they are not only responsible for serving great food, but it is also their responsibility for keeping it sustainable and for community enrichment.

Enrique Hernandez Jr., who is the board chairman, said that Kempczinski was the right person for the role of CEO and can lead the incredible performance of McDonald’s o reach even higher grounds. He stated that Chris was a major player in creating the company’s strategic plan, which facilitated global leadership and development. This led to the massive transformation in McDonald’s history for U.S. businesses. Easterbrook showed his support to Kempczinski in an email and asked everyone to join him for congratulating Chris. He wholeheartedly asked everyone to show Chris the same enthusiasm and support that everyone has shown him and added that Chris would be lucky to have such backing.

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