Carlos Sainz: Ferrari driver details how to overhaul Max Verstappen

Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz has pinpointed a time delta of five or six-tenths of a second to Max Verstappen to be able to defeat the Formula 1 world champion.

The Spaniard was in hot pursuit of the Belgian-Dutch driver for the final 15 laps of the Canadian Grand Prix with a maiden F1 victory in sight.

But despite three DRS zones available at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, the Spaniard only twice came into range and was eventually forced to settle for second.

Sainz analysed the situation and challenge ahead both for himself and teammate Charles Leclerc.

“Without the DRS it’s impossible because the DRS is still affecting you quite a lot, especially at this track that you cannot do different lines,” he said.

“It’s all chicanes that you have nowhere to put your front wing to avoid the understeer and the overheating of the tyres.

“But, even like that, I was happy and confident to be in the dirty air and managed to stay, even with overheating, 16 laps in DRS.

“As soon as the DRS opened, it was all about cooling the tyres and regaining the battery to try and really drain it when catching him.

“As I said, I left everything out there. But compared to a Red Bull, we were quicker, I think the whole race.”

Despite falling agonisingly short, with that maiden win still proving illusive, Sainz is confident after proving his speed, but underlined the need to double the gap to the defending world champion.

“For the first time this season I can say that I was the fastest man on track, which gives me some confidence and hope for the next races,” he added.

“But two or three-tenths is not enough to pass a Red Bull, you need more like five, six-tenths of pace delta if you really want to have any chance of passing Max.”

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