California school superintendent targeted with death threats for investigating photo of kids with swastikas

A California high school superintendent said she and her colleagues have faced “daily” death threats after launching an investigation into a photo that showed several students sporting swastikas and Nazi symbols.

A photo that began circulating on social media in December last year showed eight white students with thick, black swastikas and other Nazi symbols painted onto their torsos, reported The Insider.

The students also appeared to be holding alcoholic beverages and were apparently at a house party.

Wheatland Union High School district superintendent Nicole Newman, in a video message uploaded to Facebook on 31 December, said she and her team were investigating the photo.


And she said that she and the team were subjected to “death threats on a daily basis” after the investigation was launched.

“This has been one of the most traumatising experiences in my life and in the lives of my colleagues.

“We have been subjected to death threats on a daily basis and received threats that are aimed against our families,” she said.

While the school district “took immediate action and will continue to do so, in accordance with the facts and the legal parameters established by law”, Ms Newman did not share the nature of the action taken citing legal reasons.

“We have been rocked to the core due to disturbing images posted on social media by students who reside in our community,” Ms Newman said.

“These acts do not in any way reflect the values of our community or of our school district,” she added.

“I can share with you this, that when I first saw them I was profoundly disturbed and heartbroken. I knew just how much pain these images would cause,” Ms Newman said.

In an earlier statement on 23 December, Ms Newman confirmed those seen in the photo were students of the school.

“There is no denying that, the choices made by the students in the picture were hurtful and deeply troubling. Their actions do not represent who we are as a school district and community,” the statement had said.

The incident has once again showed how important it is to include racism and diversity in school curriculums and involve key community stakeholders in the process, according to school authorities.

“This incident has demonstrated that a lot of community work happens to ensure this doesn’t happen again,” Ms Newman said.

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