BTS: Biryani Trends On Twitter Because Of Jimin; Here’s Why Desi Fans Are Celebrating

Touted as one of the biggest bands in the world, the South Korean septet BTS has the tendency to trend almost every day. From setting the stage on fire with their performance to winning international awards and making new records, the list of their achievements is endless. However, it’s not every day that they trend for a reason so close to a desi fan’s heart.

The internet is currently in a state of frenzy as biryani trends on the platform. And no, it’s not because of how tasty it is or because of the necessary evil, elaichi. The famous dish trended because BTS member Jimin knows about it.

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On Weverse, a fan recommended the 26-year-old singer try Biryani. What fans did not expect was Jimin to know what it was. Surprising South Asian fans, the singer replied, ”It’s Indian food”. His response sent every desi fan into a meltdown as they celebrated Jimin knowing about biryani already.

One fan wrote, ”yes i’m crazy i’m losing my mind over jimin knowing biryani and saying it’s indian food LET ME COLLECT MY CRUMBS OKAY” while another wrote, ”Jimin watched 3 idiots Jimin ate paneer Jimin knows biryani Jimin even knows the tune and lyrics of louder than bombs Jimin best boy”. Check out the hilarious reactions from BTS army over Jimin’s post.

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