Bride and groom surprise wedding guests with secret handshake at the altar

A bride and groom put a unique spin on their wedding ceremony when they performed a secret handshake in front of their wedding guests before kissing at the altar.

Dancers Aaron and Nicole went viral this week when they shared footage of their elaborate handshake on TikTok. The video, which has since gained 2.8m views, shows the bride and groom holding hands at the altar. After the wedding officiant declared them husband and wife, the newly married couple proceeded to perform their secret handshake for their guests, who applauded the couple.

“Because a wedding isn’t a wedding without a secret handshake,” they wrote in the video.

After their TikTok went viral, Aaron and Nicole gave viewers a tutorial of their handshake and explained its subtle gestures, which included a unicorn horn gesture and a Harry Potter wand reference.

“Okay, that’s maximum adorable,” one person commented.

“Okay so now secret handshakes make me cry, cool,” joked another person.

“Real friendship,” a third person wrote, while someone else said: “If my husband is not like this I don’t want him.”

Other viewers shared that they did something similar to Aaron and Nicole before kissing at their wedding.

“My husband and I high fived before we kissed. Something we’ve done for years! Love this,” one TikTok user wrote.

“My fiancé and I are doing a pinky promise before we kiss,” commented someone else. “We always do that before anything that’s a big deal.”

Earlier this week, another couple went viral on TikTok when a bride pranked her groom during their “first look” at their wedding. In the video, which has 1.9m views, the groom was anxiously waiting to see his fiancée in her wedding dress. But once he’s tapped on the shoulder, the groom turned around and found his male friend dressed in a white gown instead.

After bursting into laughter at the sight of his friend wearing the wedding dress, which barely zipped up his back, the groom said: “I was already about to cry!” to which his friend jokingly professed his love for the groom: “It was always us.”

“That is true friendship,” one person commented.

“If my bro doesn’t do this he’s not my bro,” another TikTok user said.

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