‘Brahmastra’ Actor Reacts To Movie’s Negative Reviews; Says ‘Why Are We Not Criticizing Avengers Or Iron Man?’

Amidst lot of talk and a boycott trend, Brahmastra released last week and has been breaking several box office records. The movie received mixed reviews with criticism aimed at film’s dialogues and screenplay. Now actor Saqib Ayub, who played Ranbir Kapoor’s character Shiva’s friend, has now reacted to the negative reviews of the movie.

In an interview with Hindustan Times, Saqib questioned why Brahmastra’s storyline and screenplay was being criticized while all the superhero movies have the same plot and also reacted to the boycott trend against the movie. He said, “I don’t get angry or disappointed. There’s no point in responding to unknown people criticizing the film on the internet. There’s no sense in engaging with them.”

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The actor further added, “What is the basic plot in any superhero film? Even if you see Avengers, Iron Man, or Thor, the basic plot is that there is a good buy, and a bad guy who wants to rule over the universe. That’s the basic plot here as well. If you are talking about story, then you need to stop watching Avengers or Iron Man, or at least criticize these films for the same plot.”

He expained, “Their VFX is far superior but so are their budgets. But when it comes to the story, why are we not criticizing Avengers or Iron Man. They have the same story. It’s just that Brahmastra has a different theme, different powers so the narrative is different. Thor was released three months ago. Everyone watched it and appreciated it but nobody said there that it doesn’t have a story. It had the same basic plot.”

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