Blue Origin Receives Bid From 5,200 People From 136 Countries For New Shepard’s Lone Seat For First Space Ride

A new era of space tourism is in the making. Several aerospace firms are working rigorously to develop a system that will take humans to space. One among them is Blue Origin. The US-based company is owned by Amazon founder and billionaire Jeff Bezos. The company has developed a launch vehicle, namely New Shepard. It is a reusable suborbital rocket. A single-seat aboard the crew capsule went for auctioning earlier in May. The auctioning process saw a large interest from people. As many as 5,200 people from 136 countries presented their bid to book the seat. People have submitted a bid as high as USD 2.8 million for the seat. The company will provide a space ride for just 10 minutes.

Blue Origin said that the highest bid it received was USD 1.4 million which then was hiked to USD 2.8 million. The capsule that will fly to space is named RSS First Step. It is a gumdrop-shaped pod. It has six seats. The capsule’s inaugural crew fly will take place within six months. The company has reserved one seat for the public. The winner of the bidding exercise will be among the passengers to fly onboard the capsule. Blue Origin is yet to reveal the ticket price for the seat. It said that proceeds generated from the exercise will go to the company’s philanthropy. The open bidding will close on June 10 and a live online auction will be held on June 12.

Blue Origin said that bidders should submit their bid before 5 pm, June 10 if they wish to participate in the live auction. The company is showing the highest bid price live on its website. The price number moves in increments of 10 percent. Blue Origin has so far tested flown New Shepard a total of 15 times. However, the 15 flies were conducted without people on board. Blue Origin’s New Shepard is 60-foot-tall. The company said that booster can launch the capsule around 65 miles into the sky. It means that the booster is capable to push the capsule beyond Karman Line. It is a boundary of Earth from space begins. The line falls in the outermost atmosphere of Earth. It is approximately 100 km high.

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