Becca’s cult under eye brightening corrector is back to banish dark circles

Whether you’ve been binging Netflix or have a diary packed full of social plans, signs of too many late nights will inevitably show up in the form of dark circles under your eyes. And if you’ve noticed they’ve been there for a while, it may be down to diet or genetics. Either way, if you’re just relying on your trusty concealer to cover them up, you’re missing a trick.

Professional make-up artists use colour correctors under concealer to counteract the darkness too – a bit like a photography filter that neutralises the skin. There’s one product in particular that we beauty editors hear about time and time again: the Becca under eye brightening corrector. Loved by celebrities and make-up artists alike, this unassuming pot has garnered cult status when it comes to colour correcting.

Known for its radiance-boosting make-up line, if there’s a brand that could make your skin glow it was Becca Cosmetics. So, when the announcement came last year that Estee Lauder Companies, who brought the Australian brand back in 2016, would be closing it, fans were shocked.

The only saving grace was that it didn’t happen immediately, giving devotees a little time to stockpile their favourite glow-givers.

So, when news hit the beauty desk that Estee Lauder would be re-releasing the two cult products, but under the Smashbox name, it’s fair to say we got very excited. Mainly, because we’ve tried many dupes of the under-eye brightening corrector, which have failed to impress us. Like seeing an old-faithful friend again, we couldn’t wait to see if we loved it as much as we remembered.

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How we tested

We put the iconic illuminator back in our make-up routine for seven days. Looking at how well it conceals dark circles, how natural it looks on the skin and how long it stays in place. Does it still live up to its reputation?  We found out…

Smashbox x Becca under eye brightening corrector: £24,

Rating: 9.5/10

Not wanting to mess with perfection, Smashbox’s eye-brightener remains completely unchanged.

For those not familiar with the rose-gold pot, the make-up inside uses what the brand calls “backlight technology”. This is, in fact, a colour correcting creamy paste with a peach to apricot tone (depending on what shade you are) that’s infused with light-reflecting pigments.

If you think back to school art lessons on the colour wheel, you might remember that the colour you are trying to hide can be neutralised by the colour opposite it on the wheel. In the case of dark circles that are usually any shade between grey to blue, the opposite shades that will counterbalance these colours are peach to orange – hence the tones of the eye-brighteners.

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From art to science, the second part of the formulation uses light to brighten the darkness. Packed with tiny light-reflecting pigments blended into the formula, this, well, reflects light to create the illusion of a brighter eye.

The only thing that is new, is the extended shade offering. It’s now more inclusive with four shades to pick from. From a peachy-pink to a dark apricot shade, there’s a hue that suits every skintone.

The application

For best results, we found it easiest to warm up the product between our fingers first. After your foundation or other bases, dab the product on from the outer corner of the eye inwards and use a concealer brush for the most flawless finish. And make sure to pay extra attention to the inner corners – next to the tear ducts – as this is the deepest part of the under-eye that typically needs the most brightening.

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Though it’s described as a full-coverage product, don’t think this is in any way heavy. The creamy formula is actually lightweight and ultra-blendable. It doesn’t mask the skin, but rather enhances it if you just use a light layer. Of course, you can layer on more seamlessly if your under-eye needs it.

The choice is then yours. You can use it on its own or apply concealer on top. Personally, we prefer a concealer on top to even out the skin tone further and to give us the most natural and flawless finish.

The result

There’s a limit to how effective an eye cream can be for your dark circles, so from a topical angle, the best thing you can do for the shadows under your eyes is camouflage them. A skin-toned concealer just can’t do as flawless a job, as when it’s teamed with a colour corrector – especially one that’s as illuminating as Becca’s. It’s certainly a cut above the rest.

Just like a filter for your dark circles, this magic eraser not only naturally colour corrects and offsets the darkness, but also brightens the whole area by using reflective pigments that cleverly bounce the light out. Importantly, it looks light and natural, unlike heavier cover-ups. It’s perfect to wear on days when you need a little more help in the brightening department, but don’t want to wear a full face of make-up.

If that’s not enough, it also acts as a primer to the under-eye, creating a smooth and even base for make-up that goes on top. And as we know, priming is the key to make-up staying flawless for longer.

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The verdict: Smashbox x Becca under eye corrector cream

You need to keep Becca’s under eye corrector cream on stand-by. It’s perfect for lack of sleep emergencies, or even as an everyday staple if your dark circles are down to genetics. Erasing these shadows is, in our experience, a two-product make-up trick – no concealer on its own can leave you as bright-eyed as this one does.

A month ago, we’d forgotten all about this part of our make-up routine, but this week it has once again taken its rightful position in our lineup. We are sending a big thank you to the people over at Smashbox for resurrecting this cult classic. Our under eye are thank’s you.

Smashbox x Becca under eye brightening corrector

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