‘Babli Bouncer’ Review: Madhur Bhandarkar’s Film Thinks Its Audience Is Stupid

Babli Bouncer directed by Madhur Bhandarkar is a movie that treats its audience worse than kids, explaining every decision with logic that could be assumed. The film begins with a strong aim in a small village and follows Babli who against all odds becomes a bouncer in a club and ends up making the entire village proud. Sounds like a great storyline with endless possibilities but only on paper. The film turns into a romantic comedy that leaves Babli with the image of a heartbroken stalker who decides to bring her life on track.


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Tamannaah Bhatia’s film takes place in Fatehpur Beri, a small village near Delhi also known as Village of Bouncers. The village seems to have so many pehlwans or wrestlers that most of them end up getting a job in the nearest big town as bouncers. They get on their bikes while looking like a group of bikers and head to town for their night duties. In the entire town of male wrestlers, is one female wrestler Babli. While she is very well capable of fighting off anyone in the town, she is yet to pass her 10th exam and can’t seem to make her mother happy.

For her mom, Babli is the one girl who nobody will agree to marry because she eats too much and has no lady-like features of behaviour. While the script comes close to shaming Babli for her eating habits, her father played by Saurabh Shukla keeps the peace, even at home by supporting her. The first ten minutes of the film go smoothly even with forced humour and some cringy moments. The worse comes soon enough when the screenplay begins to focus on Babli’s future and her plans. While she has a friend who wants to get a job and be independent, Babli wants to get married and move on with her life, both are very valid choices.

The film proceeds to shame Babli for hers and make her a ‘gaon ki gawaar chori’ who doesn’t know how to eat right, order in restaurants, and talk in English. She falls in love with a London returned boy living in Delhi and suddenly Babli wants to work in Delhi, and become independent. The film titled Babli Bouncer takes the choice of becoming a bouncer from her. It also never gives her an emotional or psychological connection to being a bouncer, even though it is the crux of the story. It is difficult to understand Bhandarkar’s vision for Babli or the film.

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The film features many comic relief characters, scenes as well as dialogues, the only one that lands well is Sahil Vaid’s character. A few moments in the love triangle are the only laughs you’ll find throughout the run time as you continue to wonder why the script from 2017 with slightly wokness is being released in 2022. It gets worse when the actors start explaining every plot point, and the precious screen time is used to explain the logic behind every decision. The same could have been used to make the characters more relatable.

Tamannaah Bhatia gives her best with the little she was handed, however, it is not enough for you to feel invested in the story, or her heartbreak. The supporting cast tries its best to believe their part in the storyline but its not enough to keep the audience going.

Verdict: Even though there aren’t any releases this week, Babli Bouncer is best avoided so you don’t fall back into the wrong era of wokeness. For a film by Madhur Bhandarkar, Babli Bouncer disappoints with its message and the screenplay. The film is currently streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

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