Ayan Mukerji Reveals ‘Brahmastra’ Sequels Will Be ‘Darker And Juicier’ With More Dramatic Conflict

Ayan Mukerji has now shared more details about the upcoming instalments if Astraverse and revealed that Brahmastra part 2 will be much more darker and juicier. At the end of Brahmastra: Part One, it was revealed that the second instalment of the movie will be titled as Brahmastra: Part Two- Dev and will tell the story of Shiva’s parents Amrita and Dev. Audience and fans are already excited to see the story unfold on screen and have also come up with several fan theories.

Mukerji told Indian Express, “‘Love is the light’ was my line for the film. Brahmastra: Part One used to be called ‘Love’ for the longest time because that was the theme of the film. “It is a love story and Shiva got his power from love. But ‘Part Two: Dev’ will be a darker and juicier story in terms of the dramatic conflict. The follow-ups will be darker for sure.”

The filmmaker added that he is taking all the feedback that he is receiving from the audience and will definitely incorporate that in the second part. He said, “But I already have my own tale and story worked out for part two. I am going to take feedback from part one and craft part two afresh. We have some tricks up our sleeve but we will open it as when the time is right.”

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