AT&T making huge strides in 5G technology- newer version launching soon

AT&T making huge strides in 5G technology- newer version launching soon

AT&T is launching its new 5G network for all customers. All the customers who are within the network coverage area will have access to the 5G network. Initially, it was announced that the 5G network, be launched in 5 Cities, but it has been able to double the coverage, and now it covers ten cities. The American company is one of the largest telecom companies in the world. Besides telecommunications, AT &T also owns WarnerMedia. It is also the world’s largest company in the area of media and entertainment.

The new network of 5G works with Galaxy Note 10 Plus. Earlier the 5G network has been used only by the Military agencies. It is the first that the technology is being made available for common use. The major cities where it is going to launch are Boston, Bridgeport, Connecticut, Buffalo, New York, Las Vegas, Louisville, Kentucky, New York City. It is planning to roll the network to newer markets by the end of 2020. There are several advantages to using the 5G network. 5G provides higher data speed, large bandwidth that offers higher resolution. It also decreases the latency, increases the connection density as well as have higher network efficiency. For the customers to access the 5G network, they need to have unlimited elite plans (costing around $75 to $85 per month). AT &T already has different stages of 5G networks such as 5GE (upgraded LTE version), 5G (low bandwidth 5G ). The newer version belongs to the second category.

5G has been around the market for around five years. The delay in the development has been due to the high cost of deployment as well as the necessary frequency band required to develop the setup. AT&T has been planning the implementation for a very long time. With the implementation of 5G, the network infrastructure will improve, the technologies will also improve concurrently. AT&T has been upgrading in several areas. They have been increasing the coverage of the network, and even adding a new tower infrastructure that will allow easier up-gradation of software. This step will propel new growth in the telecommunication and its auxiliary industries.

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