AT&T Hopes To Fix The Widespread Voicemail Outage With A Vender Server Update

AT&T Hopes To Fix The Widespread Voicemail Outage With A Vender Server Update

Customers of AT&T, the No. 1 mobile carrier in the United States, have been facing voicemail outage for several weeks now. Even though the outage was first reported on October 1, the issue persists, and the carrier is unable to provide a timeline to fix the problem. Though the issue seemed minor at first, most of the customers residing in the states of California, Arizona, Indiana, Florida, Colorado, North Carolina, and Nevada are expected to be hit with the issue. However, AT&T has not yet provided any official figures on how many customers may have been affected by the issue.

Furious customers have taken to AT&T’s online support forums and Twitter to report their inability to use the voicemail on their devices and have asked for an official solution to fix it. Customers have also filed complaints with the FCC (Federal Communication Commission). And one such complainant was soon after contacted by the AT&T president’s office and was informed that the issue was more significant than initially expected and that the company was working on fixing the matter as soon as possible. The customer was asked to either wait until AT&T worked out a fix for the problem or to go ahead and rebuild their voicemail mailbox, which would mean losing any messages received during the outage and also the ones that are saved.

An official response by AT&T to one customer’s post on the official forum stated that the issue happened due to problems faced by a vendor server and that the carrier is working with the vendor to resolve the issue. However, no further context was given on what precisely the carrier meant by the term “vendor.” Even though the problem was initially thought to be affecting only devices from a single manufacturer, posts from official forums and online sources indicate that the issue has affected iOS as well as Android devices from several manufacturers. With the problem persisting for about a month now and no clear timeline in sight for the fix, it will be interesting to see how AT&T handles concerned customers.

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