Anupam Kher Believes South Film Industry Is ‘Relevant’; ‘They Are Telling Stories, We Are Selling Stars’

Over the months, we got many takes on the infamous ‘Bollywood vs South’ films debate from almost every celebrity. While many took a diplomatic approach, playing it safe for the sake of their forthcoming films, some blatantly took sides. Veteran actor Anupam Kher has now weighed in on the debate, adding an entirely different perspective to the story.

In an interview with ETimes, the actor scathingly criticized Bollywood for its money-minded nature and manufacturing stars instead of quality films. Anupam Kher stressed about making things for consumers but the problem arises when businesses start ‘looking down’ on consumers. He added that people start thinking ‘We’re doing you a favour by making a great film. Now you are watching a great film’.

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”Greatness is achieved by a collective effort and that I have learnt by doing films in Telugu…I just did another film in Telugu, I did a film in the Tamil language, I’m going to do a Malayalam film,” the actor said. The Kashmir Files star did not mince words when he said that he is learning from the Telugu cinema which has seemingly inspired him to take up more projects in the South film industry.

Notably, his Telugu film Karthikeya 2 also turned out to be a hit at the box office amidst tanking Bollywood figures. ”I think over there, I’m not differentiating between the two but I think (their) cinema is relevant because they are not aping Hollywood. They are telling stories, over here we are selling stars.” Anupam Kher concluded.

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The 67-year-old had previously talked about the ongoing boycott trend which claimed big-budget films like Laal Singh Chaddha, Raksha Bandhan and more. The actor told Hindustan Times, ”The boycott trend is not new. Many films that have been boycotted in the past have turned out to be big hits. Good films find a way to work,” He also reasoned that his film The Kashmir Files was boycotted as well but became the biggest film of the year.

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