Amazon Offers Apology For Tweet That Insisted Workers Did Not Urinate In Bottles

In a rare incident, Amazon has apologized for a tweet that insisted that workers did not urinate in plastic bottles. This comes a surprise as the e-commerce giant has been defending against such accusations. Tweet by Democrat Mark Pocan had started the whole issue where he had claimed that Amazon workers were sometimes forced to pee in bottles due to the demands of their job. The entire issued snowballed following which Amazon had denied the charge made by the Democrat. But the company has now come forward to apologize for the issue. This is because in a direct address to Pocan, Amazon consumer chief Dave Clark had tweeted: “You don’t really believe the peeing in bottles thing, do you?”

On March 25, Pocan had condemned the working condition of employees of Amazon. He said that Amazon is not a ‘progressive workplace’ simply because it pays USD 15 per hour to its workers. “Especially when it makes workers urinate in plastic bottles and indulged in union-bust.” To this, Amazon had responded in disbelief. “If that were true, why would anybody work for us,” the company had said. “We have over million incredible employs around the world and they do not only have good wages but also access to health care from day one,” Amazon went on to add.

But the company found itself on the back foot after several media reports quoted former employees telling their ordeal while working at Amazon. Several of them said that they were left with no choice but to urinate in plastic bottles. This is not the first time when Amazon workers are making such claims. In the past too, several employees talked about the grueling working condition. After a lot of uproar over the issue, the company admitted that its drivers sometimes find it difficult to use restrooms because of rural routes or traffic. Amazon also accepted that is an industry-wide long-standing issue.

Michael Wacey

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