About 100 bottlenose dolphins slaughtered in new Faroe Islands hunt

Faroes islanders have killed around 100 bottlenose dolphins, despite growing outrage at the hunts.

It’s thought the dolphins were killed with knives or other sharp implements.

Last September, a record 1,428 dolphins were slaughtered in one go in the Faroes, prompting a wave of worldwide revulsion and anger.

The Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC) charity said that in the latest case, the cetaceans were kept in the bay at in Skalafjorour for several hours before the entire group was slaughtered.

Earlier this month, Faroese officials who led a review of dolphin hunts in response to the backlash, announced they would allow the practice to continue, with a limit of 500 dolphins for the current year.

“Bottlenose dolphins are one of the most loved and well-studied species of dolphins,” said Astrid Fuchs, policy manager at WDC.

“The killing of 100 of these dolphins is a political signal to show the world that the dolphin hunters in the Faroe Islands don’t care about the opinion of their own people or the international community.

“We very much hope that the UK and the EU will respond to this position with the necessary diplomatic and economic pressure.”

UK conservationists have been lobbying the government to halt trade with the Faroes while the killings continue.

They say imports from the Faroe Islands to the UK were worth £864m at the end of last year, mostly fish products.

In the first hunt of this year, in May, 63 pilot whales were killed by Faroese hunters, including 10 pregnant mothers and their unborn calves.

Later that month, a further 119 pilot whales were killed.

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