Abhay Deol Jumps On Bollywood Vs South Indian Films Debate; Says Anurag Kashyap Is A 'Gaslighter'

Abhay Deol is the most recent celebrity to jump on the North vs South debate that everyone has been talking about. The actor opened up about his experience of working in the South and said that he was really upset that he couldn’t dub for his own film. Deol further took a dig at his Dev D director Anurag Kashyap and called him a ‘gaslighter’.

In an interview with Bollywood Hungama, Abhay Deol was asked about the North vs South debate that is currently going on and said that Bollywood and the other film industries were all part of the Indian cinema. He said, “The South Indian film industry has always existed and have always had their audience. It’s just that if you’re from the North, and watching news related to that—you’re just not watching news related to outside it. You’re ignorant of that existence, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Similarly, someone from the South might not watch Hindi cinema, and is ignorant of the Hindi stars. They’ve always co-existed.”

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He added, “Now, we’re embracing a larger Indian identity than just the regional belt — and Bollywood could be considered regional too, as it appeals to the Hindi belt. Now, there’s a bit of mishmash happening because you realise, oh ‘Baahubali looks great’, or ‘this actor looks interesting, let’s take him in a different language movie’ and vice-versa.”

Deol revealed that he was ‘put off’ when he couldn’t dub for himself in a South film, where he played the role of a villain. He said, “ I wanted to dub for myself, but they said my accent was too strong, but he (the character) is a North Indian, let there be an accent. I worked really hard in getting the words, but they said the accent was strong. So I said, you approached me as a North Indian, and have me playing the North Indian, so why can’t I have an accent? That put me off. If I can’t use my own voice, I said I’m not going to do it again.”

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During the interview, Deol also took a dig at director Anurag Kashyap, calling him a ‘gaslighter’. For the unversed, Deol and Kashyap worked together on Dev D backed in 2008 and have not worked together post that. Even Kashyap had previously taken a dig at the actor.

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