Aamir Khan's Niece Urges People To Watch 'Laal Singh Chaddha' Amid Boycott Trend: 'Watch And Decide For Yourself'

Everyone on the internet has by now heard, seen or even participated in the #BoycottLaalSinghChaddha trend on social media. Aamir Khan’s recent release is the official Hindi remake of the 1994 movie Forrest Gump and did not manage to mint big numbers at the box office but did receive positive to mixed reviews from the critics. Amidst the negative boycott trend, Aamir had urged the people to watch his movie, now his niece, Zayn Marie Khan, has also extended her support and asked people to watch Laal Singh Chaddha before judging it.

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Zayn Marie Khan had earlier shared a video on her Instagram in which she was spotted requesting people to watch Aamir Khan’s Laal Singh Chaddha. Zayn said, “If you have ever felt entertained by Aamir Khan or moved by him… he’s made fantastic films, go and watch Laal Singh Chaddha and don’t let a hate campaign destroy something truly beautiful.”

Sharing another post supporting Laal Singh Chaddha, Aamir Khan’s niece wrote, “I watched a review today that called LSC a love letter to our country on her 75th year of independence … so does love win? You decide. #laalsinghchaddha.”

As per several media reports, Laal Singh Chaddha failed to cross the Rs. 50 crore mark on its 5th day and has collected Rs. 46 crore. The movie also stars Kareena Kapoor and Naga Chaitanya and released on August 11 on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan and Independence Day.

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