A Study Shows That Majority of the Kids Do Not involve In Any Physical Activity

A Study Shows That Majority of the Kids Do Not involve In Any Physical Activity

When it comes to physical activity or doing simple exercises, doctors have always said that it’s essential for health. However, it seems like the majority of the children in the world are not involved in any physical activity, which will keep them healthy. The recent report released by the World Health Organization shows that the majority of the children aged between 11-17 are not performing any physical activity, which is a concerning thing. This report includes an analysis of more than 49 countries and 78% out of which have a shallow level of physical activity. The WHO further analyzed the data of more than 146 countries from 2000 to 2016 and found that the level of insufficient activity has increased. Both girls and boys in this age group are not getting any physical activity, and such a lack of physical activity is severely impacting on their health.

Experts believe the insufficient amount of physical activity has its disadvantages, which include a low immunity system, mental and physical exhaustion, and various other problems. Children’s physical activity is already linked with their wellbeing in school and other fields. Those children who exercise or involved in physical activity perform better academically and other sectors also. This report, however, does not show the exact reason why there is such a low level of physical activity among children.

However, experts believe that nowadays, schools are giving more priority to academics than physical health. Children, to perform better academically, are ignoring the importance of exercise, which is severely impacting on their health. Some schools did try to bring a legislature, which will reduce the academic burden on children and help them to focus on their physical health as well; however, that did not go well.

Maria Waddy

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