A Study Shows Americans Are Buying Fish Antibiotics Since It Doesn’t Require Prescription

A Study Shows Americans Are Buying Fish Antibiotics Since It Doesn’t Require Prescription

When it comes to taking antibiotics, people are living in the USA to take a prescription from a doctor even though the matter is not that serious. Now researchers found an interesting fact about fish antibiotics. The study reveals people online are buying fish antibiotics for their own use since they are cheaper and readily available. There are some areas in the country where buying antibiotics for human consumption is harder in terms of costs and availability. After analyzing the online trend of medicine buyers, researchers found people are curious about fish antibiotics; as a result, they are consuming them.

Many fish antibiotics that are sold online have the same design, color, and prescription, which are usually available on antibiotic pills consumed by patients. Researchers said the consumption of fish antibiotics is deficient, but when they found that there is research done by people on the usage of these things on the human body, it scared them. Self-medication and availability of antibiotics are the ultimate reasons why some people will never go to the doctor and will delay their treatment.

People usually don’t go to the doctor, or they don’t want when they think the pain can be cured of antibiotics. The positive response given by people on the consumption of such medication is an alarming system for all doctors. Researchers found nine out of twenty-four medicines were made available, and even if few people responded to it, some of them believed it could be used on the human body. Some people were asking questions about the usage of such medications, and one responded even said fish antibiotics were suitable for the human body. Even if such things shouldn’t be taken seriously, people might be getting distracted towards it, and doctors are worried about such things.

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