A man had to undergo double lung transplant after vaping related lung injury

A man had to undergo double lung transplant after vaping related lung injury

Doctors at Henry Ford health system performed double lung transplants in the US for a man suffering from lung injuries. His lungs had severe damage after vaping, said the hospital. The press conference will be discussing more on the patient’s condition with doctors. The man himself wants people to know about his health. He wants to warn people by showing the photographs of his condition. However, he is demanding some privacy. Hence, he will not attend the press conference. According to the CDC, cases of vaping injuries are 2051 until 5 November. They are cautioning people about e-cigars. The cases of lung illness due to e-cigs are hitting the high number.

Patients suffering from lung injuries are in every state of the US except Alaska. According to the reports, at least 40 deaths have been reported so far. CDC and the local health department are working hard to find the exact cause of lung illness. They are investigating a few substances, including vitamin E acetate. However, no substantial proof is available against any particular compound from e-cig. THC was one of the compounds found in the lung tissue of many patients. More investigation on THC and nicotine might lead to some conclusion. On Friday, CDC said Vitamin E acetate could be the antagonist in this case.

The CDC is trying to find the risk factors and alerting people who use e-cigs. They are encouraging people to check their health status and avoid e-cigs. The man had to undergo both lung transplants. He wants people to take a lesson from his condition and try not to harm their lungs. Some states in the US are limiting the sale of vaping products. Walmart and Walgreens have also stopped the sale of vaping products. President Donald Trump promised to take appropriate actions in September. His administration team was working on a possible flavor ban. However, nothing has happened so far.

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