A hunter in Mongolia was diagnosed with the bubonic plague after eating a rabbit he killed.

A hunter in Mongolia was diagnosed with the bubonic plague after eating a rabbit he killed.

A cast of bubonic plague was recorded in China – after two people were diagnosed with pneumonic plague. Both conditions are associated with the “Black Death” pandemic, the Black Death pandemic killed 25 Mn people in Europe alone. According to the document published by state-run Xinhua News Agency, the new case from Xilingol, Inner Mongolia, hunted and ate a rabbit on November 5. The news agency quoted the local health committee as saying that the person’s identity was unknown and he was hospitalized in Huade County, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, northern China. A total of 28 people who were in close contact with the patient were medically isolated. The committee said that so far, no one has shown symptoms such as fever. Before this incident, two additional patients in northwestern Inner Mongolia were isolated from a hospital in Beijing after suffering from pneumonic plague.

The plague diagnosis this weekend marked the third case reported in China this month. Earlier this week, a married pair from Inner Mongolia was sent to a local hospital in Beijing for emergency treatment. In this case, both patients have pneumonia and plague. According to Xinhua News Agency, a Chinese investigation did not find any connection between the pneumonic plague cases in Beijing and the recent plague cases.

Although Chinese officials have issued a pledge that the possibility of a plague outbreak is “very low,” some fear that the state may not release all the information they have regarding the incident. In a blog post first reported by the National Public Radio (NPR), Li Jifeng, a hospital doctor who treated the first two patients, said that the Chinese government sat on this information for nine days before finally issuing a statement acknowledging the infected. According to reports, Li’s post was posted on the messaging app WeChat, and it was reported that the Chinese examiner would remove it soon.

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